About Me ;)

This website is a personal Blog, where different recipes, tipps & tricks, and my personal experience in the kitchen is shared. I know there are already thousands of #foodblogs, and this is another one, but every Blog has it own story and style. So does mine too.

I come from Macedonia, born in Croatia, and living in Switzerland, married with an albanian who originally comes from Kosovo. Just by the origin story, people get currious, and I get asked how do I manage all this, and did I have difficulties with the integrity.
My answer is always, “all those differeces and common things make me who I am, and I love me :)”

San Francisco – California

I am 29 years old, working in an IT Company in Bern (CH) as Business Operations Manager, soon mommy to be :).
I did my Master Degree at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland.
My Hobbys are baking, cooking, reading and traveling.

Even though I am workin five days a week, still I try to also find time for all my hobbys, like carring a book with me all over, having long walks, or riding my bicycle and trying new recipes as often as I can.

When I get to share my recipes with all of you, is the best part of the day. You will get to read at least one post per week, I promise 🙂

Cake is the Answer no matter the Question. 🙂